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Vacations in the Aosta Valley

Immerse yourself in an exciting dimension: stay in the shadow of the Matterhorn…

The Gran Becca is a small village with 13 apartments in the typical style of the Aosta Valley, where stone and wood melt themselves with the surrounding environment, proper to spend family vacations, in summer and winter.

Appartamenti La Gran Becca

Welcome to La Gran Becca

Appartamenti La Gran Becca

Comfortable apartments with private garden or balcony. Picnic area in a green space.
Nearby there is a sporting center provided with:

* open swimming pool (in summer); 
* rock climbing gym, for children and adults; 
* horse-riding school for children and adults (in summer); 
* adventure park with various naturalistic trails, for children and adults; 
* football ground; 
* tennis and bowling courts.